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On Friday, May 22nd, Gov. Roy Cooper announced gyms were not included in North Carolina's Phase 2 of reopening the state. We were surprised and disappointed. However, it's the love we have for our members and our community that compels us to follow the path that our state has provided to reopen with safety at the forefront.

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below where you will find quick answers about your monthly billing, our enhanced safety and cleanliness procedures, and the latest club information.

Extra Cleaning Measures at Franklin Health & Fitness



Why am I being charged for Membership if the club is closed?

We hope that you will keep your Membership active during this virtual period, if possible. Upon reopening, we will be able to credit your account for time lost. As a small business, we will continue to incur significant costs for rent, utilities, payroll, and taxes.

How do I benefit from staying an Active Member during the gym's closure?

As a special incentive to current active members, we are now offering a dues credit PLUS an additional 25% to be spread out over the first three months after we reopen. Also, you will receive $35 club credit on your account as a credit to be used for any in-house purchases (Personal Training, Swim Lessons, Pool Parties, Concessions, Retail, etc…). To opt-in for these incentives, please email ( and include the phrase 'Keep me active!', and we'll assure you that the credits are applied.

How do I freeze my Membership?

If you need to freeze your account, you can do so for 90 days without a freeze fee. To update your account, please send us an email at Please do not send your request through social media; we cannot access your accounts this way. Our General Manager will handle requests to freeze Membership via email. Please include the following information in your email: Name, Address, Contact Number, Keycard Barcode, and request to Freeze Membership.

How do I cancel my Membership?

To cancel your Membership, please send us an email at Please do not send your request through social media; we cannot access your accounts this way. Our General Manager will handle requests to cancel Membership via email. Please include the following information in your email: Name, Address, Contact Number, Keycard Barcode, and request to Cancel Membership.

What if I prepaid my Membership?

If you have a prepaid membership, the expiration date of your Membership can be adjusted by the number of closed days. To ensure this extension is applied, send an email to  Please include your name, contact number, mailing address, keycard barcode, and an Extension Request.

What will Memberships look like upon reopening? 

Once we can reopen the gym, we will be launching ALL-NEW membership plans! You can choose to stay on your current plan or opt for one that may be more accommodating to your needs. We are also excited to share that ALL CURRENT MEMBERS will have HYDROMASSAGE as an added perk to their membership plan at no additional cost! 


Our team members will conduct regular and thorough cleaning of all equipment, surfaces, and areas of the gym and complete deep cleanings every evening. Although we cannot eliminate all risks associated with COVID-19, we've taken several additional steps to strengthen our existing cleanliness policies and procedures to help keep you and our team members safe upon reopening the club.

Below are some of the changes you can expect from us when you return:

Each night the club will be sanitized using Electric Atomizer Sprayers and Electrostatic Sprayers.  Using these sprayers will increase the efficiency and quality of the sanitation.

Increased sanitation stations will be available throughout the gym floor for member use.

Some pieces of equipment will be temporarily marked out of use/or moved to enable social distancing between members while working out.

What type of disinfectant do we use?  What disinfectant do members use in the cleaning bottles?

For years, our primary cleaner has been NEUTRA-DIS. This disinfectant is on the EPA LIST OF APPROVED DISINFECTANTS FOR SARS-CoV-2 (the cause of COVID-19).

Do you have hand sanitizer available for Member use?

Yes, we do! You will find increased sanitation stations throughout the gym, fully stocked with disinfected spray, gym wipes and hand sanitizer.

Should I wear a face mask or gloves in the club?

You are welcome to wear any personal protective equipment (PPE) such as mask or gloves to the club if you feel more comfortable.


How will I know if the fitness center is reopening?

We are monitoring local guidelines and will begin safely reopening our club as gyms are permitted to open. When we know the club's official opening date, you'll be the first to know! You can also check our club website at or our Facebook page at 'Franklin Health and Fitness for updates.

When will the Smoothie Bar be open?

Out of an abundance of caution, smoothie bar operations will be temporarily suspended upon reopening.

When will the indoor pool be open?

Indoor pools are allowed to open phase II.  We are currently creating a plan to OPEN the POOL ASAP. We do not have an exact date yet.  Stay tuned for updates on our Facebook Page and our website.

When will I be able to start Personal Training?

Upon reopening, clients will be able to meet one-on-one with their trainers.

When will I be able to start Small Group Training?

Upon reopening, small group training will temporarily meet outdoors. Please stay tuned for more information on Small Group Training.

When will I be able to start Group X classes? 

Upon reopening, there will be no Group X classes. We are exploring options for possible outdoor classes. Please stay tuned for more information on Group X classes.

When will I be able to start CrossFit FHF?

Upon reopening, we are planning for Crossfit classes be offered with limited capacity and class restrictions. Please stay tuned for more information on Crossfit FHF.

What will the fitness center hours be when you reopen? 

We will have limited staff hours, but once the club can reopen, we will resume our 24/7 operating schedule. If you are not sure if you have Membership that includes 24/7 access, please contact us during staffed hours.

I am an FHF Member. Can I work out at Clayton Health and Fitness?

Absolutely! As an FHF Member, your Membership includes access to both of our sister clubs.  Before your first visit, please contact us during staffed hours; Monday – Friday 8-11 am and 3-6 pm at 706.212.0001

Does Franklin Health and Fitness offer any digital workout content while the gym is temporarily closed?

Yes! Our goal is to keep you MOVING! We have created at-home versions of your favorite FHF workouts with our Trainers across our club and our sister clubs. These workouts specifically create the use of minimal or optional equipment so you can stay active at home. You can find these On-Demand Fitness Videos on our Facebook Page (Franklin Health and Fitness) and our website -- click the link at the top of this page!
We have also secured a partnership with Les Mills international to allow you to stream close to 100 different workouts and breathing exercises directly to your home.To stream, go to

For additional questions, please email us at


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